Thursday, October 23, 2014

28 Days A Pescetarian | Why I'm Doing It.

It all started with a simple tweet. That's all it took for me to finally challenge myself. I eventually changed it to 28 Days, because that's a better calculated cycle. It's in tune with ovaries, so I had to haha, jk! But yeah, I decided on 28 Days as a sleeker choice. 
Anyway, I've honestly been thinking about being a Pescetarian for a long time though. I'd just never decided WHEN I was going to go through with it. I mean, I've seen enough research and documentaries on the benefits of eliminating red meat from your diet to know that being a Pescetarian is a pretty good life choice. 
Now don't get me wrong, I love a good beefy burger just like everyone else. But lately I've been dining on leaner options such as turkey, chicken, and even salmon burgers (which I'm making for dinner today ;] ). So with that said, obviously I'm not changing my diet to exclude red meat because I want to save the cows. I just want to live a healthier lifestyle. Will I stick to only eating a plant based diet with fish/seafood? Who knows. But I figured challenging myself to see if I can do it and like it will ultimately decide for me.
I really think everything in life boils down to moderation. If after this 28 days I see a juicy slice of beef and I want a bite, do you think I'm going to deny it? Honestly I don't know, but right now I say I'm gonna bite it lol. I say that all to say, it's really about whether I think that slice is going to take me on a downward health spiral (which I doubt).
 Either way, I'm going into this challenge wholeheartedly. And after these 28 days, we'll see how I feel. Because honestly who knows how I will feel in 26 more days. I'm on Day 2 right now, and so far I haven't felt that much of a strain on myself. But like I said, I hardly ate beef anyway, and I've never eaten pork. Turkey became my beef a long time ago, and chicken was a side chick lol. As for fish, I've always eaten that more than any other meat, so again this hasn't been a strain as of yet. I do feel like I'm going to miss having turkey burgers eventually though :( . Well the next blog post is going up in about an hour, and it's going to be about Day 1. In it you will see my meal log, pics of my meals, a recipe for a quick healthy meal I had, and my thoughts on everything so far. See you there :)

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