Friday, May 17, 2013

This is not a beauty blog ... This is not a hair blog ... THIS IS A SAMIRAH BLOG.

Meet me. I'm Samirah. I wanted to start fresh and go into this thing whole heartedly. I wanted to do things on my terms completely. I don't want to be categorized. I want to make my own category. I don't want to be a natural hair blogger/vlogger, beauty blogger/vlogger, fashion blogger/vlogger, music blogger/vlogger, none of that. I want to be a Samirah blogger/vlogger. I don't want this blog or my channel to consist of only beauty, fashion, or music content, because my concerns and life doesn't consist of only those things. I'm living a real life and I have real goals that span beyond the next lipstick to drop or new hairstyle. Beauty is just something I delve in because it allows me to be creative. It's artistic. You can manipulate hair or use make up and turn something that was once nice into something some may consider AMAZING; with colors, shapes etc. But this blog and my channel will not only be here for that kind of art and it will not only be here for music or fashion either, although I love music more than anything. It will be here for the art of life. You paint your own picture, and this will be me painting mine.

I want to share my experiences and help you along the way by sharing them. Whether it be a cosmetic product or a life lesson/experience I am going through. This blog and my channel will consist of everything life. Struggles, successes, things I need advice on, etc. I will turn to you as friends and if you want you can do the same. STOP THE TRACK ! LET ME STATE FACTS ... I will not tolerate someone telling me what to do. Please avoid doing that. I don't think anyone has to right to tell another adult what to do. Suggestions are nice, demands and disrespectful behavior can get you popped hahaha ...

Well hope you enjoy the blog. I will be posting lots of things on here. Hope my content sparks interest in all of you!


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  1. I just love your style and personality!! ��